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Wholesale & Trade Prices

Our wholesale and trade pricing caters for businesses that are not only in the floristry and event industries, but any industry.

If you have the need for preserved flowers in volume or just often, we can offer you a product and service rarely experienced in a wholesale environment.

At everbloome, our florists live and breathe our preserved flowers (and not just sell them), we have a unique understanding which makes us able to advise you on the best stocks that would suit your style and budget.

Although our 'bloomers' are extremely talented florists themselves, we prefer to channel their talents toward making your arrangements look absolutely amazing and memorable in person. 



How long does everbloome flowers last?

Everbloome flowers have a general shelf life of 1-7 years depending on their variety and how they are stored.  Keeping your preserved flowers away from direct sunlight and aircon vents will enhance their lifetime. The dried variations such as the sunflower will have the longest lifespan as they are less delicate than some of the preserved varieties. 

How do I care for my preserved and dried everbloome flowers?

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Light may cause colour variation and fading.

2. Drink-free floristry! No water is required.

3. Keep in a cool, dry spot in the home as humidity may cause discolouration.

4. Do not expose your everbloomes directly to air conditioning or heating vents.

5. And most importantly, make sure to take pleasure in your new everlasting arrangement!

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