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Preserved Posies

Got a penchant for pretty things? Us, too. But beauty shouldn’t be fleeting. We’re into perennial posies for floral charm that stands the test of time. 

For spunky, preserved blooms (that really last), our bespoke arrangements are your ‘forever gestures’. 

We love a bunch of fresh flowers as much as the next market maven, but watching those pretty stems wilt away after a few days is the type of mourning we want to offer some reprieve from with a little help from everbloome.

These are real, lovingly sourced flowers, made to be perpetually perky right here in Melbourne. Here’s the ‘how’:

everbloome flowers are picked, plucked and sorted individually before they’re deliberately discoloured and recoloured, circa Alice and Wonderland’s iconic rose-painting moment. Next, these blooms are freeze-dried in our beautiful flower bar (like your go-to cocktail spot, but better). 

We’ve named these posies after a few of the fabulous females in your world. Tour through a garden of gals’ names below, from your bestie Bridget, to ethereal hydrangeas for Esie and the ultimate invite gift for Hattie’s upcoming hens antics. If the name fits, matching it to your gifting regime could be that final cherry(blossom) on top.

We’re still at the hands of Mother Nature’s mood swings, meaning our arrangements change with the ebb and flow of the seasons.

These are budding beauties, sans nasties (meaning they’re totally free from toxins), ecological and gloriously economic, so you can find the perfect gift and settle, petal. 

So, what occasion calls for some preserved posies? It could be for the friend who’s stopped plucking ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ petals and tied the knot, or a long-lasting tilt on a classic Mother’s Day treat for your Wonder Woman. Baby showers, anniversaries, engagements or just to tell someone you’re thinking of them are all just some of the sensational reasons to make someone’s day today with these forever flowers. Oh, and you’ll win ALL of the brownie points for it.


All this everlasting magic can be delivered anywhere in Australia using a 100% carbon neutral delivery method. Treading carefully with our environment and being kind to this pale blue dot of ours means copious more blooms to grow in the future, and that makes our heart sing.



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