Dried Flower Stems

We love seeing what glorious arrangements stem from your own DIY floral fantasies.
Like a posy pick-n-mix, you can intermingle our glorious preserved and dry flower stems to curate a bunch like no other, for a gift that simply can’t be matched.

Dreamy? We think so.

If you’re abode (or someone else’s) is just missing that extra bit of fabulous festooning, these special selects could be just the thing.
Feel free to layer over time, sprucing your haven up room-by-room or getting a little somethin’ somethin’ for a sad, lacklustre corner needing a bit of tailored TLC.

For spunky, preserved blooms (that really last), our bespoke arrangements are your ‘forever gestures’.
Accompanied by
a customisable, cute-taboot printed card, you can amplify the personalisation for a gift that exudes care. 

We love a bunch of fresh flowers as much as the next market maven, but watching those pretty stems
wilt away after a few days is the type of mourning we want to offer some reprieve from with a little help from Everbloome.