Wedding & Bridal Flowers

We want absolutely everything to be blooming beautiful for The Big Day, and playing Cupid on the flower front for all your bridal needs is our specialty. We take a vow here and now to make things extra special with preserved posies for you and your wedding posse.

Our Boho chic, Sweetheart and Boujee Bride trifecta offers three distinct styles for floral prowess that’ll make you say ‘I Do’. Now, you just have to choose your soulmate. 

Boho chic is for the lover of all things rattan, beachy, sun-doused and laissez-faire. You love rolling waves, slow mornings spent down the coast and feel partial to a magically minimalist approach.

Sweetheart is for the bride who pines for a classic, quintessential and sophisticated white wedding. You’ve been flicking through glossy mags for years, doggy-earing the pages of dreamy, painterly receptions and billowing gowns.

The Boujee Bride likes to walk a little on the wild side. Replete with crimson, peachy-hued, warm blooms, this range is a rollicking spin on the classic neutral bouquet. To envelop your guests in a sunny, uplifting spread of rich blossoms, opt for this beautifully unique spread.

Each of our three superb styles come complete with a Bride’s Bouquet, Bridesmaid’s Bouquet, Bride Boutonniere, Bride Corsage and Mini Bride Corsage. You can pick, choose and pluck your favourites, or fall head over heels with the whole lineup.

We love a bunch of fresh flowers as much as the next market maven, but watching those pretty stems wilt away after a few days is the type of mourning we want to offer some reprieve from with a little help from Everbloome.

Now, you can keep a little bunch of your Big Day for years to come. These magical keepsakes will always remind you of your tying of the knot, and we think that’s something worth putting a ring on.